1/8 Inch Heavy

Eric Rivera Barbeito & Andrew Flanders

Terrault is pleased to announce the latest upcoming exhibition, "1/8th Inch Heavy" by Andrew Flanders and Eric Rivera Barbeito.

Opening: June 9th 7-10PM

Using wood as a primary source of material experimentation, the works of Andrew Flanders and Eric Rivera Barbeito in 1/8th Inch Heavy place an emphasis on the inquiry into the nature of color and a corruption of craft; often made through a sequence of “what if’s”? The group of small-to-medium sized works were conceived and produced extemporaneously, through both additive and subtractive processes. By taking a step away from the beautifully assembled walnut Maloof chair and a step towards the ad libbed nature of an object without function, one is freed from the sentimentality of craft and is granted access towards an object with its own presence outside of utilitarian characteristics. Cutting an eighth of an inch too heavy allows one to pare the material down to the desired dimension in anticipation of imperfection, dancing between additive and subtractive.

Andrew Flanders’ work comprises of non-traditional vessels and idiosyncratic structures that are influenced by an off-kilter exploration in coopered and wickered objects, such as firkins, hogsheads, troughs, baskets, and buckets. There is a sensitivity to the craft of working with materials like wood and metal, combined with a natural tendency to ad-lib within each sculpture. Each work explores interiors, exteriors, and spacial potential through a sculptural acknowledgment to volume.

Eric Rivera Barbeito’s multidisciplinary practice involves using mixed media to investigate and show the complexity of the present relationship between the free-associated state of Puerto Rico and the United States. Each project, process, and resulting formal elements explore larger political and cultural discourses centered around autonomy, dependency, inefficiency, resistance, and conflict. Barbeito’s work often employs the use of tropical, particularly Puerto Rican, imagery.

Open gallery hours: Saturday's 1-5PM (except for opening day)

Exhibition runs: June 9 - July 21


Andrew Flanders is a mixed media sculptor and object maker currently living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and most recently attended a Residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Andrew has exhibited in numerous locations in Baltimore, MD and Houston, TX.


Eric Rivera Barbeito was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1994 and received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Integrating a multimedia approach to his practice, Rivera Barbeito taps into a diverse field of art-making processes to give visual representation to concepts centering around the present condition between Puerto Rico and the United States. Aside from making objects considered by some to be art, he enjoys meeting friendly dogs on the street, talking to his plants, and the occasional cold glass of coconut water.