Alex Dukes and Liora Ostroff


Dual Exhibition: September 9th - October 28th

Opening Reception - Saturday, September 9th 7-10 PM

'A woven thread' is a dual exhibition featuring the works of Alex Dukes and Liora Ostroff.

Please join us on Saturday, September 9th from 7-10 PM for the opening reception of 'A woven rope'

Alex Dukes’ paintings are an autobiographical exploration of memory, identity, race, and how they all are intertwined. She recalls moments ranging from lighthearted childhood games with siblings, to heavier memories transitioning into adulthood. The presence of hands and feet reaching out and extended in her paintings work as a way of connecting the feeling of touch along with the innocence and carefree nature of a child. Dukes’ use of saturated colors represent the energy and noise of memory. She exaggerates the intensity of the colors and patterns in order to mirror the energy of the moments she experienced growing up in a large musical family.


Liora Ostroff’s current body of work uses paired art-historical themes with imagery drawn from contemporary life. Giotto’s architectural compositions meet Baltimore’s brick facades, and stiff groupings of saints become young partygoers and couples. She references Da Vinci’s lyrical hand gestures or Van Eyck’s colorful motifs to compose a new scene. Either violent or serene, these paintings exemplify Ostroff’s contemplations on time, place, politics and the self. Lust devolves into a misandrist fantasy; a quiet Shabbat table setting is overcome with swastikas. The incessant specter of droning helicopters over the city replaces the glow and radiance of angels, which are so ubiquitous in the Renaissance compositions. In these paintings, history and the present collapse in on each other.

Alex Dukes (b. 1994) grew up in Long Island, New York with her mom, dad, two brothers, and four sisters. Over the years, her work shifted from solely focusing on the body and representational drawings and paintings to colorful personal narratives that centered on her family, Trinidadian American heritage, femininity, and blackness. She received her BFA in Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in spring 2017.

Liora Ostroff (b. 1993) is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from MICA with a BFA in 2016. Her work has been shown in Baltimore at the John Fonda Gallery and in Philadelphia at Little Berlin.

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