History. Experience. Revelation


work by Bobby English, Jr.


August 7th- 29th, 2015

Bobby English, Jr. creates empowering, yet self- destructive metal and earth sculptures inspired by world mythologies, ancestry, identity, dreams, and the dualities of nature. His process is very laborious and exhausting, yet it is meditative and spiritual. While creating sculpture, and even after completion, there is a dialogue happening between the form and English’s body. The dialogue ultimately becomes mystic, almost ritualistic, thought-provoking performances that he feels are channeled from the many mythological archetypes that he understands both from his own life experiences and those of his ancestors. Often times, these performances become uncomfortable, alienating, dangerous, and painful. However, physical and/or spiritual distress aids English in connecting to his higher-self; pain for pleasure. English wants people to be inspired to connect with the divine nature within themselves, their personal mythologies, and be comfortable in the expression of their divinity, their true selves.