Bromide Free


May 6th- May 28th, 2016

Opening Reception: May 6th, 2016

 Bromide Free is a collection of paintings from Baltimore’s new generation of artists creating work without platitudes or pandering. In the age of memes the young artists in this show strive to articulate a sincere way of transmitting ideas and experiences. By employing the physicality of painting the artists create devices for a direct view into the chronology of a piece’s creation. These forensics allow viewers to place themselves within the artist’s body. But where are we being led?


Each painter pulls the viewer to different ideas or experiences. Artist You Wu takes us into a dark mental space of detachment and isolation while we can corporeally feel the joyous swagger in Dani Toral’s big bold mark making. Zoie Reamer’s crowded intestinal landscapes churn and bubble with emotional gestation. Adam Jester’s serene series shows us the last thing he sees before he drifts into unconsciousness each at night. The 18 artists address a transmission of ideas, which grab the viewer by that gray lobe and guide them along the physical echoes that are hardwired in our brains.


-Ali Seradge, curator