June 5 - June 17th

“dreamcloud” is a collaborative show featuring works by Audrey Van de Castle and Courtney Corcoran. Work in the show highlights fleeting moments by the means of mixed media sculpture, installation, video, and painting. Using pastel colors, airy materials, and abstraction, the artists explore femininity and invite viewers to occupy a space between subconsciousness and reality. The journey between the ethereal and the physical is one without clear lines dividing the two. Each artist looks at different aspects of this veil. “dreamcloud” floats through this soft transitional space without drawing lines between the two. Through a daydreamy haze, the artists call attention to experiences otherwise overlooked or forgotten.


Audrey Van de Castle is a mixed media sculptor born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 2013, where she studied sculpture. In her spare time she likes to drink champagne, think about Rihanna, and create texture.


Courtney Corcoran was born in Boerne, TX in 1990. Her paintings, drawings, and videos create a personal narrative, linked heavily to memory, and feminism. She graduated the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in Painting, concentrating in Video Art. When she is not painting things, she likes playing with animals, eating and sleeping. She's just a little bit clumsy, and is a bit of a cry baby. 

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