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Juried by:

Zoë Charlton (Artist and Associate Professor of Art at American University)

Kristen Hileman (Independent Curator and Former Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at The Baltimore Museum of Art)

Phil Hutinet (Founding Publisher of East City Art)


Rushern Baker IV (MD)


Rushern Baker IV’s abstractions emerge from the chaotic world outside the canvas; the urban and suburban environment upended through steady degradation: bricks, plaster, metal and cement form the landscape as the built environment dissolves within its composition. These abstracted forms permeate from within the mindspace of his studio located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Baker’s work seeks to describe the fragility of global order and modern democracy, evoking feelings of disturbance, curiosity, and awe. The threats of the unknown are balanced by the opportunities that emerge from the confluence of chaos and human innovation. In Baker’s most recent work direct inspiration is drawn from comic book and propaganda imagery as well as cannibalized images of past work, that form the building blocks of the painted surface. These references blur the line between the real and the digital, the concrete and the ephemeral, creating a new hybridity that attempts to describe the indescribable.


Rushern Baker IV has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally, including solo shows at Scaramouche Gallery and The Cooper Union in New York City, Honfleur Gallery in Washington D.C., and in group shows at The Third Line Gallery in Dubai, The Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte, N.C., Bowie State University, MOCADA in Brooklyn, Koki Arts in Tokyo, and Yale University. He holds an MFA from Yale University in 2012, where he received the Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award for outstanding achievement in drawing or painting from nature, and a BFA from The Cooper Union for Advancement of Science and Art in 2009 where he received the Jack Stewart Memorial Prize for Excellence in Painting.




Lauren Brooks (MI)


Lauren Petrick Brooks was born in Irving, Texas in 1986.  Lauren is an oil painter who creates detailed, close-up representational paintings about the affectual complexities of personal connection.  Her work explores the concept of intimacy and how intimacy comes to be. Her drawings and paintings are investigations, appreciations, and conversations that extend a hand to the viewer to feel the intricacies of companionship and relationship.  She holds an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art as well as a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. Her work is in personal and private collections and has been shown in institutions and exhibitions in multiple states. 




Camilo Cárdenas (DE)


Through film, performance and installation, Camilo’s work shines a light on the complexities of creating a personal identity. Having moved at a young age, Camilo questions the ways in which people choose to identify themselves; whether by language, country, beliefs or something else entirely. His work examines the nuances of perceiving and performing identity, and plays with expanded forms of self representation. Through his artwork, Camilo aims to destabilize mainstream modes of perception that undermine the individual complexities we all have, and calls for the exploration of alternative versions of oneself.


Camilo Cárdenas is a Visual Artist working primarily in Film/Animation and Installation. He was born in San Diego, CA in 1986, but grew up in Bogotá, Colombia. In 1999 his family emigrated to Boston, MA, where he attended school through college. Camilo received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011, with a concentration in Film and Sculpture. 


This past May, Camilo completed his MFA at the University of Delaware, and will stay to /teach Film as an adjunct professor in the Fall. During the summer of 2018, Camilo was a recipient of the DELPHI Fellowship from the Center for Material Culture Studies at UD, as well as a travel grant from the College of Arts and Sciences at UD, which allowed him to travel to the Colombian Amazon to produce a series of short films. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.




Bobby Coleman (MD)


Bobby Coleman deconstructs objects, symbols, and colors found within the urban landscape into a deeply layered composition that echoes the chaos and visual noise he encounters in his daily life. Each element is a recalled visual memory, simplified into line, color, or form. These elements are then expanded and built upon acting as recalled memory often does, clouded and recontextualized over time. 

Bobby Coleman is a Baltimore-based artist born in Rockville, MD in 1987. His large, abstract paintings draw inspiration from the urban environment, dealing with themes of graffiti, doodling, and mark manipulation.  Developing paintings using a process driven approach, Coleman constructs plywood panels that reference history and building, often exposing the way they were made with visible internal spaces and structural relief elements. Manipulating imagery across these large-scale planes of engineered wood using latex house paint, Sharpie markers, and spray paint, he builds his paintings using a personal visual language that is constantly evolving. Coleman received his B.A. in Studio Art from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, and his M.F.A. in Painting and Studio Art from American University in Washington, D.C. He has exhibited extensively in the Baltimore/D.C. Metro area including solo shows at School 33 Art Center, Black Rock Center for the Arts, VisArts, and Randall Scott Projects, and received the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in 2016 and 2019.


Anna Fine Foer (MD)


Anna Fine Foer was born in Boulder, Colorado. While a fibers major at Philadelphia College of Art she became fascinated by the relationship between maps and the land they represent, embarking on a lifelong interest in landscape and collage.


Anachronistic is a word that fits much of her work. Digital technology allows her to manipulate images to construct a collage with cut paper and adhesive and play with distortions between visual perspective and surface image. The combination of ultra modern and the old is exploited by placing images of new technological devices or practices in ancient or historic settings; a commentary about the state of “civilization”. Recurring motifs in her work include scientific discoveries, technology, alternative energy, location, and natural or unnatural disasters. Her work has more than one story to tell; describing the curve of the earth on a flat piece of

paper and collaging images to blur boundaries between the natural and the

manufactured/technological world, representing simultaneously land, sky, water and



Fine Foer has worked as a textile conservator and studied at the Courtauld Institute in London, where she received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Textile Conservation. She received a Maryland State Arts Council grant for Individual Artists in 2008 and in 2016.




Cat Gunn (MD)


Cat Gunn’s work pushes notions of androgyny and queer, combining both masculine and feminine qualities to establish something that is gender-neutral, gender fluid, transgender, or genderqueer. Their practice serves as rigorous experimentation that employs a scientific approach; they often juggle multiple paintings and add layers simultaneously to each current work, marginally altering a property to study the outcome. They also employ craft materials, primarily glitter, in order to recall femme, makeup, club, or drag cultures. 


Gunn’s current paintings revolve around the notion of creating space, particularly through abstraction from a queer perspective with a playful awkwardness. These self-contained worlds are made up of repeating stripes, gradated forms, twisted squiggles, and organic shapes. Skewed geometry with hard edges flirt with expressive grounds and fields of color, creating an ambiguous space that is dizzying, strange, and dynamic. The quirky geometry and irregularity of patterns allow for vulnerable and imperfect moments, and are equally about sameness as they are about difference. The work, both as physical objects and as windows into an illusionistic world, suggests a transfer between states— erratic and ever-evolving. 


Cat Gunn (born Honolulu, HI, 1993) is an artist living and working in Baltimore who identifies as non-binary transgender and queer. They create abstract paintings with layers of oil paints and mediums built up over time, using a variety of techniques to manipulate the alchemy of the paint. Gunn has recently exhibited work at Maryland Art Place in Baltimore, MD, 40 West Arts Gallery in Lakewood, CO, Ashton Gallery in San Diego, CA, Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia, PA, and Cade Art Gallery in Arnold, MD among others. Gunn received a BFA in Painting from Towson University. 




Vinnie Hager (MD)


The way we send information today is not how it used to be. Personal letters are rarely sent as we rely on text messages, emails, and especially social media for communication. As humans we turn to social media for all our news, entertainment, emotional outlets, boredom, answers, and over all connections. Artist Vinnie Hager turns to social media for inspiration in his own work, creating intricate drawings that combine pop culture, phrases, fantasy ideas, emotions, user submitted ideas and more. The piece Cliff Notes reflects on the ideas of information overload and the immediacy of social media, especially on students. 


Vinnie Hager was born in 1996 in Maryland. From a young age his mother surrounded him with vibrant works of art adorning the walls of his childhood home. This early exposure to all kinds of art worked in tandem with his father's knack for mechanical workings inspired him to develop his own style and in 2011 he began pursuing his own artistic ventures. Vinnie graduated from Anne Arundel Community College in 2017 with an Associate’s Degree in Art - Visual Design. He has since been working on personal projects and collaborations while pursuing further education. He currently attends the Maryland Institute College of Art, pursuing a Bachelors of General Fine Arts with a concentration in Curatorial Studies. 




Misha Ilin (D.C.)


Misha Ilin was born in 1985, Protvino, Russia and currently lives and works between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Ilin graduated from post-baccalaureate program in fine arts at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and obtained an MFA degree from Mount Royal School of Art at MICA. Misha Ilin is a sculpture artist and his projects often take a form of mixed media objects and installations. Ilin found his work method in changing his focus to learn the right distance from often dramatic events that constitute both of his personal story and the experiences of his current life in the United States. 


The approach of dealing with such themes results in use of the symbolic materials, images and text in his work. While Ilin practice is often responsive to the surrounding context, it exists within the proximity of a poetic jump from it. Eventually Ilin in his work tells myths, stories and fables that constitute his Russian, Tatar, Christian, Small-Town, Soviet, European, 90s, Corporate, Asian, USA, third Rome background. From that position he draws a multitude of perspectives on matters of past and present, that exist between our personal and official history. 




C. Klockner (VA)


C. Klockner (b. 1991, Cleveland, Ohio) is an artist and writer currently working in Richmond, Virginia. Their work spans sculpture, video, and installation. They founded the artist-run critical platform Post-Office Arts Journal, co-directed Bb project space, and direct the online curatorial project GHOST (ghostfeaturefilm.com). Klockner recently received an MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University. Recent exhibitions include 891 n. main, Providence, RI; The Luminary, St. Louis, MO; Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY; and Towson University Gallery, Towson, MD.




Kathryn Knudson (UT)


Kathryn works and lives in Utah. She attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She also earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Brigham Young University, where she taught in the Studio Arts program.


Kathryn's art utilizes a variety of traditional media, abstract forms, and found objects to produce an artistic vision that can heal, refashion, and beautify. The result--an unpredictable labyrinth of oil paint, canvas, fabric, thread, paper, beads, and other materials--is as luminous as it is provocative, a flash of the unconscious, a dream, a moment of deja vu. Picking up objects that might otherwise languish in scrap heaps, second-hand clothing stores, or boxes of discarded papers, fabrics, and memories, Kathryn's art reintegrates the power of transformed media with therapeutic promise of beauty and artistic experience. In these paintings, sculptures, and installations, the possibility of refashioning the world of discarded consumption becomes an artistic reality, something more than an aspiration, a wholly new experience in itself. To experience Kathryn's art is to realize that the very fabric of our culture and everyday lives can be recast and reclaimed, just as nature does in its endless march of life and desire. The oddness of the human figures, the opalescence of the textures, the quirkiness of the colors--all of these are the lifeblood of a culture revised. It is a vision in which nothing--no memories, no tradition, no promise--is beyond reclamation.




Amani Lewis (MD)


Amani Lewis was born at Andrews Airforce base in 1994. Amani is an artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2016, they graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in General Fine Arts and Illustration. 

Amani grew up in Columbia, Maryland, a predominantly white new-suburban town. Once they attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, for the first time, Black people made up most of my community. The drastic differences between these two experiences challenged their self-identity. At quick glances, it’s easy to allow the stereotypes associated with Baltimore (drugs, alcohol, homelessness, poverty, and crime) to skew one’s understanding of individual personal experiences. Amani is constantly challenging these perceptions, and digging into the root causes by asking questions such as: How have these issues been ignored over time? What can we do to change these realities? In their work, they draw viewers into my compositions, and aim to reveal a missing, but vital element in these conversations: the people.

As the viewer looks closer past the vibrant colors and chaotic contours, they may witness the substance that lies beneath the surface; perhaps realizing that we exist in a state of constant manipulation, controlled by those with the privilege to perpetuate inauthentic perceptions. Amani invites their audience to step out of this cycle to piece together the full story.


Jen Noone (VA)

Jen Noone is a mixed media artist with a primary interest in materiality. She investigates materials that are familiar to the contemporary consumer in an attempt to better understand herself and her surrounding world. She changes the context of these personally familiar consumer products to reveal underlying poetics, politics, motivations, metaphors and humor embedded in them.


In her most recent body of work she both enacts and subtly critiques the endless pursuit of perfection. Manipulating the material characteristics of latex paint, Noone repeatedly coats various surfaces, before scraping away layers of the dried latex. Each new layer of paint represents an attempt to improve upon the previous layers but, rather than perfection, the result is a messy accumulation of frayed skins, the evidence of past attempts. While the pursuit of perfection may inevitably result in failure, Noone’s work suggests that the quest for the ideal form, even if it repeatedly misses the mark, has a beauty and charm all its own.


Jen Noone (b. 1985, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) She received her BA in Art Education from Saint Joseph’s University and earned her MFA in Studio Art at American University. In 2017 Noone was highlighted as one of Interview Magazine’s Artists on the Verge. In 2018 she was awarded a studio residency at Arlington Arts Center. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post and exhibited at the Arlington Arts Center, WAS Gallery, Waddell Gallery, Site:Brooklyn, Katzen Museum and Connersmith Gallery.




McKinley Wallace III (MD)


McKinley Wallace III is a painter and draftsman whose art depicts strength expounded by the oppressed and is an educator dedicated to cultivating people-oriented environments that foster inclusive community building and high-quality learning. Wallace aims to create illustrative and site-specific, mixed media paintings that embody a unique strength expounded by the oppressed. A power manifested in resilient black peoples, determined to resist erasure and contradict dominant narratives. He intends to transcend powerlessness by framing explicit depictions of bodies and faces deprived of humanity, demanding liberation from the elite in Baltimore City and beyond.


Wallace was born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1992 and moved to Baltimore to receive a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). His studio work has obtained both local and national attention, including solo exhibitions at MICA, Jubilee Arts, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Creative Alliance, and Gallery CA, as well as group shows at Connersmith Gallery, Gallery B, Towson University, Waller Gallery, Palazzo dei Cartelloni in Florence, and Interlochen Center for the Arts. He has also worked collaboratively to create murals for NIKE, Inc., Access Art, Inc., and Monarch Global Academy. In 2019, Wallace was awarded the Bethesda Painting Award and the Maryland State Arts Council’s Individual Artist Award.