Travis Levasseur // March 4-26 // Reception March 4th 7-10PM

Sea levels rise and everyone with unbalanced checkbooks find themselves stranded in their hometowns. With all the manufacturing jobs gone Starbucks cups must be hand crafted by volunteers with only the will to keep the dream alive. Similarly hand painted Wells Fargo signs have been found posted above the doorways of those lucky enough to find enough Monopoly sets. Somewhere a Birkin bag washes onshore but nobody cares. 

Into the Blue acts as a monument to the defection of the wealthiest individuals from the United States in order to propagate their own island utopias in international waters. The installation is a funeral to them and all that they provided, and a big ‘Fuck You’ to and from everyone left behind. It’s also a PARTY, or what’s left at least. Beer cans, a  looping player piano, and various pieces advertising the Seasteading ideology.
The installation attempts to embody the death of contemporary america on the set of a commercial for the bright future lives of the rich and famous.
Travis Levasseur is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. His creative practice utilizes technology in such a way that it blurs the line between reality and fantasy. He draws a great deal of inspiration from sci-fi/conspiracy filmmaking and uses those catalysts to explore the socio-political environment around him.
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