"I am not born into reality, my almost ocean was.
I create my own reality, the garden and what before it."

An interactive installation depicting the capability of the manifestation of one's heterotopia, or metaphorical space, in a tangible space.

The symbolic garden imagery used throughout history, such engrained in our minds by Hieronymous Bosch, consists of a sacred space in which can be compared to the human body and the universe. In the center of these images, one often finds the water fountain or basin, which is like an umbilicus and represents the navel of the world and source of life. The archetype reflected in Nukem's installation uses the proportions and symmetry of the human body as a symbol of harmony.

"My garden is my map. My body is my compass. Everything is a metaphor."


Featuring the work of:


Josh Nukem
Pamela Koch
Dan Guinnes
Tony Auth
Curtis Smith 
Cicero Ferrante 
Sophie Moore 
Evan Price
Colin Foster
Lucy Maher-Tatar


January 23 - Feb 4th