Dress Up and Disco Color

Collaboration with Make Studio

featuring: Alex Albert, Clara Baker, Tony Labate, Kareem Samuels, Margie Smeller, and Jerry Williams

Opening Reception: October 13, 2018 7-10PM

Exhibition runs: October 13 - November 17, 2018


Terrault is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition “Dress Up and Disco Color”, a collaboration with Make Studio. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13 7-10PM
Exhibition Runs: October 13 - November 17, 2018

“Dress Up an Disco Color” celebrates the work of six dedicated and talented artists from Make Studio, a community-based arts organization that provides multi-modal arts programming to individuals with disabilities. The works of Alex Albert, Clara Baker, Tony Labate, Kareem Samuels, Margie Smeller, and Jerry Williams paint a portrait of the aesthetics, passion, and vibrancy of artists commonly typed as “outsiders”, highlighting the observations and points-of-view of these artists and artists alike to increase the inclusivity in the arts sector in Baltimore and beyond. 

There will be sleeves of artwork by all Make Studio artists available for purchase in addition to the pieces included by the above featured artists. 

Artist Biographies:

Alex Albert - Alex joined Make Studio within the first few years of its founding, and he at first gradually increased his studio time and now attends weekly to focus on his painting. Previously he primarily enjoyed drawing (usually in sharpie, exclusively and densely layered) for many years. Alex particularly enjoys depicting family members, friends, favorite places, and animals. He has a distinctive style in his choice of t-shirts. Alex is a graduate of St. Elizabeth School and resides in Harford County.

Clara Baker - Cara joined Make Studio in 2017 and has since immersed herself in numerous variations on a theme: imagery of buildings, family, and pets created in a variety of media, from paper to wood, to watercolors to acrylics. Always in good cheer when she arrives at the studio from her other job at a greenhouse, Clara enjoys the camaraderie among the artists and is always keen on being up-to-date about upcoming exhibitions and other Make 
Studio events.

Kareem Samuels - Kareem joined Make Studio within our first few programming years. After having made art at home and at St. Peter’s Adult Learning Center for some time, when he began working in the studio regularly he experimented with watercolor, acrylic, and more, to colorfully share the positive and spiritual messages of his heroic alter ego, “Bible Boy”. Since then he has become expert in doing portraits of himself, friends and family, celebrities, and superheroes, both of his own creation and otherwise. Kareem also is a budding food blogger, documenting his many colorful meals in photographs and in drawings. He says that being part of an art studio community is “my dream come true.” Kareem works in the kitchen at Stanley Bracket Decker.

Tony Labate - One of the first artists at Make Studio, Tony began attending the studio in 2010. He is a reliably expert source of information about classic films, television, and music of the late 20th century (among many other things). He is a resident of Catonsville, MD, a graduate of the St. Elizabeth School, and, in his words, “a would-be writer of poetry” who also loves to draw. As a high school student Tony began working with the residents of the Charlestown Retirement Community, who he affectionately referred to as his “oldsters”, providing entertaining presentations on topics enjoyed by both Tony and the residents. He currently volunteers at the Enoch Pratt Library branch in Hampden.

Margie Smeller - Margie is a seasoned visual artist, having honed her craft over many years working on commissions at home, exhibiting her work in solo shows and as part of a collective with the Artists’ Gallery in Frederick, MD, and having worked with the Scott Key Center (Frederick) and Art Enables (Washington, DC). Her art is dense, colorful, and unexpected, sometimes containing hidden poetry. Margie says that she currently draws inspiration from coloring books – truly embracing the “coloring book craze”, but you’d be hard pressed to match her imagery with any coloring book. She is also a talented athlete, competing in varied sports including skiing, bowling, and kayaking, and is currently excelling at snow-shoeing! She makes a trek (by car) from Mt. Airy, MD to the studio twice each week.

Jerry Williams - Jerry was Make Studio’s very first program artist! He has been a prolific artist for as long as he can remember, filling page after page with drawings and paintings of his favorite subjects. His favorites include superheroes, circus performers, wrestlers, all things Star Trek, and many more. Jerry completed a large format 2017 calendar as tribute to the closing of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, after having hosted not just one but TWO Ringmasters at the studio over the past few years. As much as he loves to paint and draw, he also enjoys sculpture using found materials and has demonstrated his personal technique for papier-mâché to students, teachers, and community members of all ages. A graduate of the St. Elizabeth School, he currently works in landscaping and grounds maintenance when not at Make Studio.


Make Studio is a 501(c)3 community-based arts organization located in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2010 with the mission of providing multi-modal arts programming to individuals with disabilities, Make Studio aims to put art and abilities to work throughout Baltimore and beyond to create more inclusive communities for all. Make Studio is motivated by a consideration of quality of life for and a celebration of the whole person, and the understanding that art does not exist in a vacuum. We believe that providing avenues for communication, connection, and empowerment to artists with disabilities equally benefits individuals and their communities. Via ongoing exhibitions, public programs, and studio services for visual artists with disabilities, we celebrate the aesthetics and concerns of artists commonly typed as "outsiders", making visible their observations and points-of-view to increase the vibrancy of our cultural sector. 

Terrault is an artist-run art gallery that shows multidisciplinary exhibitions that focus on innovative techniques as well as socially relevant themes. Terrault strives to provide an approachable and intersectional platform for local and regional emerging and mid-career artists to collaborate, publicly show their work, and host engaging cultural events.​