Corynne Ostermann

November 4th - December 23rd, 2017

In this body of work, Corynne Ostermann examines the digitization and creation of pop cultural images of femininity. As an individual who also works within the music industry, she is interested in the intersection of reality, digital reality, and hyper produced imagery through mainstream pop outfits (major record companies, advertising agencies, specific designers, etc.), and how these pop channels and imagery create a communal dissertation of pop femininity to be consumed at rapid-fire online as well as replicated in the real world. By using decades-old images of pop stars, cheesecake pin-ups, dead princesses, or out-of-date imagery, the work in Super Hot Female invokes non-linear notions of time, nostalgia, and the future through compressed and collaged digitally-collected images. 

Working with banal feminine symbols, words, and objects juxtaposed with moments of abstraction, recognizable images and objects, Ostermann creates grids, windows, and overlapping image structures that create a screen through which the picture is perceived. These filters are intentionally defunct, employing layers of transparency and overlap to suggest destabilized meaning and subjective response. The intersection of symbols and recognizable objects and moments of abstraction propose notions of fantasy, decoration, femininity, and the digital realm, as well as root the symbols in a nonexistent material and bodily plane.

Artist Bio

Corynne Ostermann is an artist/musician and performer based in Baltimore, MD. She produces paintings, collages, drawings, films, and the occasional three-dimensional object. She also creates and performs music with her band, Natural Velvet, as the front woman vocalist and bassist, where she is known for her unique voice and aggressive bass playing. 

Ostermann was born in the western suburbs of Chicago and attended Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, MI as a high school student. Ostermann graduated Summa Cum Laude from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a degree in painting and gender studies. Her band, Natural Velvet, has released four records including this year’s full-length Mirror To Make You, out on Friends Records. They have toured the US extensively, and have been featured in such publications as Elmore Magazine, Bitch Media, and Impose Magazine.

Exhibition runs: November 4th - December 23rd, 2017
Gallery Hours: Saturday's, 1-5pm (except opening day)