by Wickerham & Lomax

April 2-30th, 2016



Neighborhood Lights Reception April 2nd 7-9PM

~*Alloverstreet Reception April 8th 7-10PM*~

Uncool is the new Wickerham & Lomax exhibition presented by Terrault Contemporary.


The exhibition runs in tandem with Labbodies’s Neighborhood Lights presentation and runs from April 2 - April 30, 2016.


Opening Reception: April 8, 2016 7-10pm.


10 things you didn’t know about the Wickerham & Lomax show:


  1. Boosting ideas from tired artworks is an erotic gesture.

  2. Pumping through life on someone else’s frequent flyer miles is supreme luxury.

  3. Killing trends by being late to them, maximizing lateness to a point of infinity.

  4. A fucked up kind of bricolage solidified into an elegant turd.

  5. Being quiet, yet screaming telepathically.

  6. Supplementals have a way of burrowing to the center.

  7. I wanna steal your shit. I wanna take your vision.

  8. Presenting glass in which you can’t be reflected, but still shattered.

  9. Wardrobe stolen from geeks online.

  10. Should we thank Joanne? Never give credit.


The ten statements above can be applied to any of the ten digital paintings in the show as functioning titles. The paintings are at once about the props which are stylistically culled from the look of W&L’s Boy’dega: EditedforSyndication and then the item chosen is presented in various types of display. In Boy’dega’s narrative, it’s suggested that one of the characters, Kimbra, works in an antique store owned by her parents. This works as a prompt not  completely coinciding with the mandates of the world building’s continuity, but as an offshoot to extend further world building possibility. The manner to which the props are presented, becomes a way to further inform the fiction of these items, to provide them with a logic structure that could lead towards reality (believability). The process of generating these paintings works like a kind of assemblage, certain aspects during the CGI process are cut from other models and recombined to create a new set of conditions/context for the CGI model.


The core ideas of the exhibition are — provisionality, display, artifact, speculation, and style. In their practice Wickerham & Lomax have made the forms that are peripheral elements to a television show be the core of their works — elements that fortify the aspects of commitment to truth in a fiction. These often include: character profiles, wardrobe, set/location, trailers, and now props. This way of working acts as a metaphor of giving anything of marginality an added value not to be diminished by the thing of centrality. The works themselves have a symbiotic relationship feeding of the other’s waste and generating a kind of value for themselves.


Thrift, steal, destroy, ponder, messy… apologize.


-Wickerham & Lomax


Artist Biography

Wickerham & Lomax is the collaborative name of Baltimore-based artists Daniel Wickerham (b. Columbus, Ohio, 1986) and Malcolm Lomax (b. Abbeville, South Carolina, 1986). Their practice is based on the accelerated exchange of frivolous information, gossip, and codified language that crystallizes into accessible forms in hopes of giving dignity to that exchange.  


Formerly known as DUOX, the artists have been working together since 2009 across diverse media, curatorial platforms, and institutional contexts, creating a body of work at once context-specific and broadly engaged with networked virtualities. They continue to develop a digital narrative franchise entitled BOY’Dega, which considers dissolving hierarchies between, author, character, actor, and fan. Wickerham & Lomax are particularly invested in questions of identity and the body, exploring the impact of digital technologies and social spaces on the formation of subjectivities and speculative corporealities. They have describe their practice as being full of “fan boy hissy fits.”


Recent exhibitions by Wickerham & Lomax include:

Take Karaoke: A Proposition for Performance Art at Brown University, Providence, RI (2015) Sondheim Prize Finalist Exhibition, Baltimore MD, (2015) Girth Proof II at Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore MD, (2015) Girth Proof at Dem Passwords Los Angeles, CA (2015) the premiere of Encore in the AFTA LYFE at the Artists Space (Frieze), NY (2014) and BOY'Dega: Edited4Syndication for New Museum's First Look series (2014). Other solo shows include DUOX4Larkin, Artists Space, New York (2012); Liste Exhibition, Contemporary Museum of Art, Baltimore (2011); Break My Body, Hold My Bones, CCS Bard Hessel Museum, New York (2011); MoMT: Museum of Modern Twink, GLCCB bookstore, Baltimore (2010); and King Me, Open Space Gallery, Baltimore (2009).